Neill Thomas Murphy born in Blackrock Co. Dublin Ireland in 1968.
Most people would say my art is naïve in style. It probably is. I paint spontaneously from the imagination. Using a watercolour layer technique, building up each section of the painting layer by layer. So one painting can take over a week to finish. What's the rush, in this mad rat race world. Some artists choose to sit out the race; contemplating either their loneliness or the mad world around them. The best way to depict a mad world is through the use of vibrant colour in my eyes anyway. My influences over the years have been the French Impressionist and the German Expressionist artists. Artists like [bLudwig Kirchner[/b] and Franz Marc.

Hope you like my paintings. I don't at the moment do any exhibitions but hopefully that will change in the future. My paintings are available to buy privately. Art is the new gold of the world. Who wants to lock away in a bank vault some ugly gold dug out of mines by underpaid labour, when you can hang up an original painting like mine (which you can look at every day), for 50 times lower the price.